Have a nice experience in shopping in London

London is a place to have awesome experience during vacation. Here in London we will be able to have detail knowledge about the history in London. There are a wide range of historical places and museums, which are a great collection of different historical happenings. Other than these museums, travelers can roam around the London and explore various gardens too. Again, London is a place of great collection of world famous brands and you should try to buy them. There are many famous Westfield shopping Centers in London. Let us have a small detail about all these exclusive stores.

Introduction about the shopping center

Hence, when you are planning to go for some shopping for you and your family, then you must visit the stores at Westfield. Westfield London is one of the famous shopping center in London. This shopping center is undertaken and is developed by the Westfield group. There are several other projects, which are under process. The total floor space is available with 150000 square meters and planning is there to extend this shopping center. Previously this was the second largest commercial place within the whole U.K. This shopping center was inaugurated in the year 2008.

Collection of stores

This fabulous shopping center comprises of more than 255 exclusive stores where from you can buy branded products from your family. When you are planning to do shopping at the various stores in Westfield London, the  you must have a detail knowledge about what are the various shops and other facilities you can get from this shopping center.

?    We will get more than 250 shopping stores within this huge shopping complex.

?    We will get the availability of banks inside the complex

?    Here we will get some exclusive shops on different pet products

?    There are a wide range of gifts and jewelry shops, from where you can buy your favorite products.

Again, if you want to have a detail about what brands you will get within this shopping complex, then you can have a list as follow:

?    You will get the store of world famous sports brand, Adidas

?    If you want to buy some excellent products for hair, body etc, then you can purchase them from the world famous shop Aesop.

?    Again, for purchasing quality leather goods, footwear etc., then you must go to the famous shop within the complex, Aldo.

?    Within this shopping complex, there is a great chance to buy some exclusive dress materials for the male members of the family from All Saints-Men. Here we will be able to get some exclusive collections of aesthetic and vintage collections with exclusive designs.

?    There is some exclusive jewelry house in London, where we can purchase all types of jewelry of luxury range. Among all these jewelry stores we can go to one of the most famous shop namely Angelica London.

Other than those which we have mentioned above, there are some more extraordinary stores within this shopping complex.

Fun and Entertainment

This shopping complex is not only for doing some great purchases. This is a place to have some fun too. There are famous restaurants within the complex of this shopping center. You can have some exclusive cocktails and various delicious dishes at Ballans. Again, you can try to taste delicious juice, soft drinks etc, then you can experience Busaba Eathai.

The famous shopping complex is a place to entertain you with excellent movie places. Here we will be able to get VUE Cinema where you can entertain yourself during shopping. Other than cinemas and restaurants, there are three excellent florists’ stores within this shopping complex. These are Galton Flowers, Mrs Florist and Waitrose.

Other details

This shopping complex is situated at a prime place in London and hence you will get buses, tubes, cabs etc to reach here. In general this shopping complex remains open from 10 am to 10 pm. However, for holidays’ you need to visit the website to get the detail regarding opening hours.