How To Prolong The Battery Life Of LG G2

How To Prolong The Battery Life Of LG G2

Extending the battery life of any kind of battery is very important especially for hectic individuals which would certainly be greatly troubled by their mobile phone battery not functioning optimally. Company folks and individuals who travel a whole lot also need their batteries to be performing effectively at all occasions. Having a phone battery having an lengthy life also conserves cash which would have been utilized to buy replacement battery. Among the phones that is currently used by many people will be the LG G2 which is a smooth and contemporary phone with features making it superior. This phone has lots of applications which work both for job and enjoyment purposes. There are methods where the battery life of the LG G2 could be prolonged to be able to be made use of a lot more effectively. Below are tips on ways to prolong the battery life of an LG G2 phone.

One of the most important tips on prolonging the battery life of an LG G2 mobile phone is switching it off when it’s not in use. Maintaining your mobile phone switched on continuously even if not being used empties battery which requires normal charging consequently making the battery weaker. Amongst the times when it is suitable to turn off the phone happens when in places where one runs out range. While in such areas it indicates the mobile phone will keep trying to find range which will subsequently drain the battery.

Closing background applications which are not definitely being used could also substantially enhance the battery life of an LG G2 phone. This is because such apps use energy from your battery which usually drains the energy fast. Things like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi must simply be activated while being used. Closing these kinds of features and apps will reduce the number of occasions that the mobile phone will need to be charged.

One more tip in prolonging the battery life of this mobile phone is charging it only until it’s full. Many people abandon their own mobile phones charging for long hrs especially during the night when such people leave their phones charging overnight. This in turn damages the battery pack, subsequently reducing its life. One must charge the mobile phone only until it shows that the battery is full.

The backlight on the mobile phone also significantly determines the durability of the battery because the light usages power. The ideal way of regulating this light is switching it off totally or lowering the quantity of time that it remains turned on even when the phone is not in use.

Using a battery case also greatly identifies the life of a battery with the suitable case having the ability to extend the battery life. The ideal instance of LG G2 case would be the Novelty 3800mAh LG G2 Battery case. This battery case is specially developed to provide extensive power to the battery subsequently giving it a longer life. The case is additional slender and for this reason flawlessly suits on the phone conveniently. It is also easy to use since it includes volume control key on the back. It’s also endowed with 1A charge for the phone for that reason ensuring that the battery is efficiently powered. This case for LG G2 is very practical to lug hence making it ideal especially for business people. There are various ways in which to extend the battery life of an LG G2 phone with using the Novelty 3800mAh LG G2 Battery case being one of the most effective ways.

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