Want to visit London town? Then give this a read

If you are a tourist visiting the United Kingdom, then visit London town has to be one of the top priorities of your to do list. You must be wondering what is London town? Well, don’t be surprised, as it is just another name of the British capital, which the world knows by the name of London. Now when you are in London town, then the biggest problem you are going to face is what to watch and what not? Well, the truth is there are so many things to watch in this place and you can’t really afford to miss many of them. But before going to what to watch, it might be helpful for you to know a bit about London town.

As you all know that London is the capital of England and the United Kingdom. It is one of the largest cities in the world. The beauty about this city which might attract you is the fine blend of modernization and cultural history. Many of you might not know that this city is one of the oldest in terms of history and it has a strong historical background. You might be surprised to know that the London history can be trace through three different eras and up to 2000 years.

Coming back to the actual point, when you are in London town there are some places and some things which you can’t afford to miss. First of all you have the heritage sites. There are four heritage sites in London.These places are the famous tower of London, the Westminster Palace, the church of St Margaret and the Kew garden. Then there are the popular landmarks. You must have heard about the Buckingham palace right? Then the Gigantic Ferris wheel London eye is popular in the entire world. Along with these two there are Trafalgar square, Piccadilly Circus and many other things too. Last but not the least, the British museum and library are the two things which should always feature in any visiting list.

Now this is an important question, how do you visit all of these things on a short span of time? Well, in that case go to the internet first then search about the city tours for London. As London is a famous centre of tourism, you will easily find various London based guided tours. You can register in one of those tours to enjoy the beauty of London without taking much of trouble.

So now that you have got the basic idea and some important knowledge, visiting London can be a great experience for you. There are some other minor things too. When you are exploring city, it will be better for you to soak in the environment. The London weather is one of the most unpredictable things which you might enjoy. Also, don’t forget to check into various restaurants and taste every kind of British cuisine. Hopefully this article will come helpful when you pay a visit to London. If you wish to know anything more about London, then paying a visit to the internet is your best option.

Visiting London for many tourists is a lifetime experience and why it is so, you can understand only after paying a visit to this destination.

The nightlife of London is very entertaining and sometimes weird too. There are some places in London which you can visit if you are keen to know the night life of this city.

Penning down the list of popular venues for experiencing nightlife in London:

  • Mr Fogg’s
  • Portside Parlour
  • Opium
  • XOYO
  • #TheView
  • Drink, Shop & Do
  • The Toy Shop
  • Oskar’s Bar at Dabbous
  • Ruby’s
  • Steam and Rye

In the above places you will get the chance to taste some awesome dishes besides experiencing the true essence of London nightlife. London city is absolutely a magical destination for travellers round the globe